20 years of checkit!

Conference: reduse2018 - New Aspects and Developments in Recreational Drug Use | 13.-14.09.2018

With the reduse2018 conference the Medical University of Vienna (Department of Laboratory Medicine) and the Suchthilfe Wien gGmbH (Department of Addiction Prevention) proudly celebrate the 20th anniversary of their collaboration in the checkit! project. For 20 years checkit! is applying scientific methods for risk and harm reduction in recreational drug use. Furthermore it is participating in national and international research and thereby an important pillar contributes significantly in market monitoring, national drugs reports and the development of harm reduction services.

checkit! is using a highly specialised mobile laboratory for the chemical analysis of recreational drugs. The results of these analyses are used to provide analysis based psychosocial interventions ranging from counselling, personalised information giving, risk and harm reduction campaigns to public warnings. The research activities of checkit! include continuous monitoring of the changing compositions of drugs, the investigation of trends in the patterns of drug use as well as the developments of analytic methods to keep up with changes on the drugs market. In it´s specific  field checkit is an important and well recognized project throughout Austria, Europe and the World.

This success would not have been possible without the dedicated work and support of countless individuals and the committed funding of the Viennese Agency for Addiction and Drugs and the Austrian federal Ministry for Health and Women.

Thank you!


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